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Consumer culture is a modern-day plague that affects our daily lives, with a 400% increase in consumption in America since 1970. Not only does the phenomena strip our possessions of value and play on our biological need to hoard, but we also abuse the planet and take more than our fair share, consuming 17% of the world's energy as only 5% of the population

It’s only a sale if you need to buy it in the first place.

Those who live above ground know that consumer culture influences climate change; it's wasteful, harmful, costly, and any other negative word you can think of. And yet, statistics like the ones above remain staggering and not talked about, as we are lured to the age-old traps of buying things we didn't know existed until we clicked on that targeted ad. 

Stop being wasteful.

Nowadays, hundreds of items in a given household are made with plastic, from something as typical as a bottle cap to as surprising as tea bags, cigarette butts, light bulbs, chewing gum, sea salt, sunscreen, contact lenses, and SO MUCH MORE.

However, there are small changes each person can make to live a cleaner and less harmful life, BUT, you don’t need to throw away all your belongings and start from scratch to be sustainable, nor measure a year’s waste in a jar. An environmentally conscious and economically savvy lifestyle can be achieved slowly by replacing one item at a time, only as you need it. 

Get what you need, not what you want.

At ekosfere, we want to emphasize using what you have first and only getting what you need. That's why we strive to provide you with the bare essentials to fit any lifestyle and help you reconsider the necessity of your everyday items as you go through your college experience. 

Our products are meant to provide multipurpose, minimal purchase benefits to keep your carbon footprint lighter while not breaking your wallet. While most people might think that getting new, hot, environmentally friendly items will make them more sustainable, the most eco-friendly option of all, concerning any products, even ours (but less than most), is no product. That's why going eco-friendly is a choice hand-in-hand with minimalism, being the second most influential thing an individual can do to support the environment and themselves.

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