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Our Consumer Power


97% of the world's population considers climate change a threat, and 2/3s of Americans believe it is something harmful. This data suggests that most of us want to do something about climate change, yet when we think about impactful change, we typically think about policy, energy, and carbon consumption within industries. As such, many of us who support the climate change endeavor live in contradiction, using plastics, excess energy, water, and animal-based products daily. The main reason for this is that we’re stuck in the mindset that our individual contribution makes no difference. 

Yes, big corporations are to blame, but we have a say.

The general consensus is that large industries and governments are in charge, so our actions have little effect on them, which is somewhat true, but not the whole picture. At ekosfere we believe that individual action is a small but feasible solution to climate change. The reasons for this are simple: all-powerful corporations won't change any time soon; they will always do what's in their best interest and gain more capital but the cohort providing this money is us, the customers. 


Daily choices add up. 

We are the ones that go to the store, pick up a bottle knowing full well that it's not good for the environment, condemn the company for not changing their ways, and buy it anyway because what difference does it make in the long run? Yet by doing this, we are telling the company, 'We are giving you money because we want you to keep doing exactly what you are doing,' whether we mean it or not. Understanding that you're sending this message whenever you purchase something isn't meant to guilt you. It's intended to demonstrate the potential we all hold.

Align your purchases with your beliefs.

The truth is that corporations are the ones causing significant harm to the planet. Still, the only way to get them to understand that things have to change is using their language - money. If the 2/3s of the population that wants to do something about climate change adopt this position, think about the loss of revenue major corporations will feel, sending them the exact opposite message of 'we don't like your products anymore because they need to be more responsible to the customers and the environment.' When more money is poured into environmentally sustainable and consumer-conscious products, companies will be forced to follow the new expectations if they hope to maintain profit from consumers. This is why what we do is essential; living in tandem with our ideology guides this capitalist country to do the same.

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